Rent A Generator

Aksa Generator Renting meets the needs for domestic and abroad rental generators from Istanbul and Dubai Central Offices thanks to the experienced staff and a wide range of products composed of gasoline and diesel generating sets. Aksa Renting is able to meet periodical and continuous energy requirements, come up with a number of assessment, assemblage, service and transport solutions as well as offer package deals. It also provides the most extensive generator fleet of Turkey with their powers ranging from 1kVA-2500kVA.

Aksa Rental Mobile Generating Sets are designed for situations of urgent energy needs for the first time in Turkey. They can synchronously provide energy following the achievement of 1200 kVA of user area with one mobile generator with a maximum power of 400 kVA. The mobile generators, which are perfectly soundproof, have a “Super Silent” working option and the guarantee of full support by experts, for which reason they have become cardinal for large organizations in a very short time.

Some of the organizations we have provided energy for:

  • 29th of October, Republic Day Celebrations/ Bosphorus, Istanbul; 2008-2009
  • The shows “Anatolian Fire” and “Troy” / Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya; 2008-2009
  • The conquest of Istanbul Celebrations / The Golden Horn, Istanbul; 2009
  • Turkcell Kuruçeşme Arena Summer Concerts / Istanbul 2009
  • Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Show Center Summer Concerts / Istanbul 2009
  • UEFA Cup Finals / Istanbul 2009
  • Champion’s League Finals / Istanbul 2005
  • Universiade / İzmir 2005
  • Moto GP / Istanbul Park 2005
  • Eurovision / Istanbul 2004
  • The Valley of Congress of Harbiye
  • Construction Site Marmaray
  • Construction Site Mersin Forum
  • Construction Site Yeşil Construction, Innovia Homes,
  • Construction Site Pendorya Shopping Mall,
  • Construction Site Taksim İlk Yardım Hospital
  • Private Istanbul 29 Mayıs Hospital